Is it expensive? Ever wondered how you are going to have your dream wedding in Maldives? Well, it’s not as “expensive” as people imagine it to be, in fact it is almost the same as any other destination. There will be certain expenses that you definitely have to cover if you want to have your wedding abroad; be it Maldives or any other country (ex: airfare, hotel reservations, decorations, entertainment etc.).  

Here are some tips on how you can have your dream destination wedding in Maldives:



Maldives is known for its incredible weather almost all year round, with its beautiful beaches, turquoise water and the picture-perfect blue hues to compliment your wedding portraits. However, weather is the one element which you cannot control or change, but you should know what to expect when choosing the perfect date to host your dream wedding in the Maldives.

When considering to host your wedding in the Maldives, just as vital as finding the perfect wedding venue, is finding the best time to have your ceremony. Undoubtedly, the best date to have your wedding ceremony is the most special date to you and you partner. But, there are factors which you need to consider if you are thinking of inviting guests. One of the factors include the Weather, as knowing how the seasons in the Maldives impact your wedding plans can be essential when making your final decisions.

There are two seasons in the Maldives, that is, the dry season (which is from January to April) and the wet season (which starts from May and goes on until December). The monsoon season mostly lasts from May until September and it is mostly sunny, warm and humid all year round.

Before setting on your date, the best thing you can do is to have a travel agent/professional wedding specialist to guide you through the right direction in choosing the best dates to host your wedding ceremony as they will have full knowledge of different locations and provide you with accurate, personalized information about each location and its weather during certain times of the year.



The most important decision you make when you go on a vacation is the hotel you will stay. When you are considering to have your destination wedding in the Maldives, one of the main aspect you need to think of is to book the right hotel for you to celebrate your big day at, as the hotel/resort will most likely be your wedding venue.

If you are looking for a hotel on a budget or dreaming of having a luxury destination wedding, the Maldives has many options which can cater to all your needs. For instance, you can go for a budget resort if you wish to minimize on all the costs or even stay at a local guest house on a beautiful island of the Maldives. You can read more about how to plan your destination wedding in the Maldives on a budget on our next blog post.

Maldives is all about luxury! If you are considering to have a luxury destination wedding, you can always opt to stay at a luxury resort in the Maldives, such as, the beautiful Finolhu – Baa atoll, with its very own private sandbank or Cheval Blanc Randheli, with its high-class services or the one of a kind Six Senses Laamu resort. We can go on with the list of resorts but one thing is for sure, these resorts will be able to cater to all your needs and wishes – guaranteed!

However, don’t forget to check the Policies & Procedures of the selected hotel on hiring third party vendors if you are planning on bringing your own wedding planners or hiring a local wedding planner. Almost all resorts do allow third parties, but you have to be 100% sure. It’s always a good idea to discuss with your planner before confirming the venue.  

Most importantly, always look for the hotel which best fits your budget when you book a hotel in Maldives, as you will have to spend extra on the decoration sets depending on your requirements.



When it comes to the planning process it can be really hectic and could drain out all your energy. That’s where hiring a wedding professional becomes necessary! Even though you may feel like you need to know everything, it is ok to not know all the answers. By hiring a wedding professional, you got it all covered as you have got your hired expert to do all the worrying. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the planning process.

When considering to have your dream wedding in Maldives, you can either choose to have a set package from the resort which you have booked or hire your very own professional wedding planner. As almost all the resorts have their own wedding packages, it’s always easier and hassle free to choose the set packages offered by the resort. But, do keep in mind the decorations can be quite limited.

Every wedding should be different! It’s a day almost every bride-to-be has dreamt of since they were a little girl. If you wish to make your own fairytale wedding, it’s always vital to consider hiring a professional wedding planner or a specialist. Here comes the next big question – is it really necessary to hire a wedding professional? Yes, it is!

A wedding professional can help you with your budgeting and legal agreements. They can also get you great deals from vendors, especially if they are locals. One of the best aspects of hiring a wedding professional is that, they will know whom to call and where to get exactly what you want. They can coordinate the entire day including even the tiniest details leaving you stress-free.

Whether you wish to go for a wedding package offered by a resort or make your own customized wedding by hiring a wedding planner, make sure and always double-check if you are getting what you paid for!



Setting your budget is a crucial step to start planning your wedding. It is very important to allocate your budget for all the components. First comes booking your hotel in the Maldives – be it a resort, hotel or a guest house. By setting your budget from the beginning, you can have an idea of how much you need to spend in each area to stay within your overall budget. You should always be certain of your overall budget before setting a specific budget for each element.

One of the first steps we do for our clients is to create an itemized budget so you can clearly see the numbers and feel comfortable with what you’re spending and know you’re not missing anything in the budget.

When planning your wedding in the Maldives, you can always go for one of two options – a luxury stay or stay on a budget. For instance, if you are planning on inviting friends/family and if you are the one providing their stay, keep a separate budget for their accommodation. If the invitees are paying for their own stay, try and get a good rate for their rooms from the resort, hotel or guest house. You can always opt to get assistance from a travel agent or even a wedding planner to help you with getting the best rates for accommodation.

What you need to keep in mind when you book your resort/hotel is the additional charges that come with it. As Maldives is a geographically unique country, getting from one place to the other can be quite tough. But, don’t worry! The hotel will assist you in getting you and your belongings safely there by the most convenient way possible. Please keep in mind that transfers will be via seaplane or speedboat directly from VELANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to the resort or by a domestic flight to the nearest airport to the resort. In short, the compulsory charges which comes with the accommodation includes transfer, taxes and service charge of the hotel.

When it comes to the main aspect, there are a few more things which might come in handy when you are planning a wedding in the Maldives. If you are considering on renting your wedding dress from Maldives it can be quite hard to find and a bit time consuming to get to a good rental place for wedding dresses. Our advice is to bring your very own wedding dress when you come.

Now it all comes down to the most important segment, what to include in your wedding ceremony and reception. Keep a portion of your overall budget to spend on the two main events. Bear in mind that you will need to categorize every fragment of both the events in advance. These fragments include flowers and decoration for both events, photography and videography, bridal hair and make-up, entertainment and most importantly, food and beverages for the reception.



It is essential to know that destination weddings cannot be legally registered in the Maldives. It can only be ceremonial. The best way to tackle this small problem would be to get registered back at home before you get on that flight to Maldives.



Always trust your wedding planner to handle everything accordingly, they will take care of everything for you. Remember to get your contract, read it and make sure everything is included and specifically as you wanted. Read it again! Be sure that you are getting what you paid for. What better way to plan your wedding and be absolutely STRESS FREE!

They’ll be your point person every step of the way, you’ll want to find a wedding planner who’s not only organized and professional, but also makes you feel at ease. A good planner will have plenty of questions for you too, to figure out your wishes, needs, level of maintenance, budget and scope of imagination. Whomever you choose to go with, don’t hire a consultant who you don’t click with, doesn’t want to listen, critiques and overruns your ideas, tries to convince you of what’s best for you, has no references, or won’t sign a written agreement.

As we like to put it – your hired wedding planner will be your best friend for the next couple of months!

If you take heed of these notions while you plan your Destination Wedding in Maldives, it will help you throughout the entire process and give you enough time to sit back and relax while, as aforementioned, your hired professional will take care of everything for you.



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Maldives Wedding - Sen and Yuan

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Maldives Wedding - Sen and Yuan

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How to plan your Dream Destination Wedding in the Maldives

Is it expensive? Ever wondered how you are going to have your dream wedding in Maldives? Well, it’s not as “expensive” as people imagine it to be, in fact it

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