Our lovely couple Sen and Yuan had already decided upon a location when they contacted us. They had chosen the perfect spot for their big day, Fihalhohi Island resort in the Maldives. A beautiful little island surrounded by shores of sand as white as a summer cloud and turquoise blue waters that shimmer under the golden sun.


Our couple was especially fond of this tropical jewel because they wanted the scenic surroundings to play a major part in their wedding décor. After the much needed discussion with the bride and groom we decided to stick to an elegant theme with a hint of sophistication.

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We wanted to give out a fresh, classy vibe to the wedding so to create such an ambience; we used a classic cabana frame for an altar. The altar was draped in chiffon, an ideal material for the beachside. The top of the altar was decorated with fresh accents of Dendrobium Orchid and forest green foliage which added an element of vibrancy to the arrangement, a rather subtle display of lush blooms. Rectangular columns of pure white were placed on either side of the aisle and on top of each was placed a beautiful crown of natural flower centerpieces. White roses and baby’s-breath, carefully selected for their freshness and compliments to the theme, coupled with foliage, made for a remarkable arrangement.

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There is nothing more beathtaking than a boquet of white roses and baby’sbreath accented with foliage for a stunning bride, and it did quite the justice to theme of the wedding. Just look at the smile on our bride’s face walking down the aisle with her significant other. Being showered with petals as red as the blushing bride herself had to be one of the highlights of the day!


Being a part of this wonderful couple’s big day and breathing life in to their expectations was indeed a pleasure, and to see satisfaction on their face was just the cherry on top of the big lovely wedding cake.Our photographer Asad has played a key role in capturing not just the picturesque scenario, but the emotions that were overflowing during the entire ceremony. The photographs captured raw emotions.Every picture tells a story and every story can become a picture but only by the hands of a very skilled photographer. Asad’s work does not just end with aesthetics, but holds a considerable amount of sentimental value as well.



"When we flew all the way over to this tropical heaven for our wedding, we honestly did not know what to expect. Kudos to the team for such a seemingly effortless work of floral artistry and creativity that was our wedding! You met our expectations and beyond. Not only did we get good pictures for takeaway, but a parcel of memories and new friendships. Thank you!" -Sen & Yuan-


Bon voyage to Sen and Yuan for embarking on a journey of love, trust and companionship that would last over decades to come!

Kausar Ahmed Latheef

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